Welcoming Taylor to the Connelly Family

Between this newest addtition to this wonderful family and the little guy, Brady...I had so much fun!  Brady was such a good helper and quite the poser!  I think he may have a future in modelling! haha!  And of course, the star of the day...Taylor was such a gem!  She barely made a peep and was also very good infront of the camera...condsidering she was awake almost the whole photo shoot!
Congrats guys, you have wonderful children and I am so happy I got to be a part of celebrating the arrival of Taylor! 

I have decided that every year I'm going to have some type of "Wedding Special", and now that wedding season is just around the corner I thought now would be a great time to share my "special" for 2011.

This year I am holding a very special draw for one very lucky bride and groom who's wedding falls in 2011!!!

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If you are a bride/groom who wants their wedding day to be very special, unique , reflect who you are as a couple and have it shine for years to come through your photos, then please put your name into the draw!

Or maybe you know of someone getting married that would like to put their name into the draw, please give them my information so I can add them!
(Or maybe you would like to add their name for them...maybe as a surprise?!!)

I look forward to meeting the lucky couple!

***The draw date is set for April 3, 2011***


You can email me at mandy@mandybrownphotography.com or phone me at 403-710-6255 to put your name into the draw!!
Mandy Brown

Connor...turns 9 months!

Here he is....this little prince has turned 9 months old!  He is now crawling, standing, eating a lot (so I'm told) and well on his way to be chasing his big sister around in no time! 
Thanks again for letting me take this munchkin's photos!  He is so much fun to shoot...and just look at those eyes!!!  WOW!!!! 
I look forward to his 1st birthday photoshoot!  And that's not too far away!!! 

Connor...turns 6 months old!

Where has the time gone?!!  He is 6 months old already and is sitting, eating a ton and still as smiley as ever!  The more older he gets the more he looks more like his dad and his older sister.  He is still a pretty cute little dude and I look foward to his next photoshoot! 

OUR LITTLE PRINCESS...has finally arrived!

 I am proud to announce the arrival of my new little neice!  She is just PERFECT, and what an honour it was to photograph this precious little peanut!  We..or should I say "I", had a fantastic time, shooting that day.  Sophie and Mama were such troopers and the pictures showed it all!
Thank you so much , Sister, for letting me do your babies first professional photoshoot!  She is a dream and we are just tickled to have a little pink in our lives! 
We love you all, Congrats!  xoxo

WOW!! Has it been awhile!

I can't believe how long it's been since I have updated my blog!  I have become overly busy in the last couple of months and finding the time to fit everything in has become a challenge.  I had decided after 4 wonderful years at home, that I would venture back into the work force.  So, needless to say, learning to juggle everyday life, 2 very special little boys, 1 supportive and loving husband and of course finding the time to do one of things I love most..PHOTOGRAPHY...has been a little bit of a struggle.  But, with every change in life you have to be open minded and always look ahead...that it won't be like this forever...haha! 

And with that, I will leave you to look at a couple families that I have photographed over the last couple of months.  I had a blast and I look forward to shooting more families in the next little bit! (please stay tuned for the updates!)

Proud Grandparents!!!

I must say, what a beautiful family!  I, once again, had the opportunity to photograph this family. However, the grandparents got be involved this time!  Sarah was such a peach...as long as you gave her some candy!  You gotta love the fact that you have to dangle some treats infront of children before they do what the parents would like them to!  And, Connor, well...he was just along for the ride.  He's got such a cool personality and just goes with the flow.  John and Pat, you have a wonderful family and should be very proud! Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!